Parent's FAQ

Are Parents and Carer's involved?
Children that participate in Balanceability Level 1 will be generally be between the age of 2½ to 4 years old. At this younger age we welcome support in the early sessions from the parents. Having successful interaction with the parents through the physical activities and games while your child is learning new skills will have a huge positive effect while you are finding out what your child can do.
What are the benefits of the group?
Children learn so much by seeing and copying others, parents are often amazed at how quickly their child picks up techniques from the other children.
How much does it cost?
The cost of the course is determined by the instructor.
Can we have this in our child's school?
Balanceability is linked to the Foundation Stage Curriculum, schools purchase the equipment needed to have this as a continual programme for preschool/reception and Year 1 children. We advise that you speak to your child's teacher/headteacher about the programme.

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