Laura Trott loving Balanceability!

LESS than half of teachers say their pupils are getting two hours of PE lessons a week, a sports survey by a committee of MPs has found. The figures suggest that the number of school children being taught PE has halved since the Coalition was formed. A survey of more than 300 primary and secondary school teachers found that 43 per cent said their students were spending “at least two hours on their curriculum PE every week”.

Laura Trott - balance bikes

This compares with 90 per cent in 2007-08 when the last school sports survey was carried out. The study by the education select committee also found that one in five schools had stopped sharing facilities with other schools. The survey was carried out in late April and early May. Comments from teachers suggested that part of the problem was the curriculum was overcrowded.

One teacher wrote: “The timetable is very tight and squeezed. We have so much to get into the timetable and it is an area of high deprivation with most children with English as an additional language. “PE is very valued in the school and [opportunities] are available after school and before school. It would be good if they could do two hours a week but it would be difficult to fit it in the school day.”

This research highlights even further the need to get our kids active and moving; both within school and at home. One way of ensuring a more active lifestyle is to cycle to school and Laura Trott has given her support to the Balanceability scheme and believes this is the way to get our kids on their bikes and moving!